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Living With Gai Abandon

Scientists Marvel at Mother & Daughters Stunning Endurance

by Gai Brennan 26 Jun 2020 0 Comments


Hi Girls, 

100-Year-Old Mum Gives Personal Trainer a Run for His Money 

I told you that my Mum is now 100 years old and when I was in Sydney recently, I thought I would drop in and see how she is managing her exercise routine. She was naturally dressed in Posh Active for the workout and ready for a session with her personal trainer, AKA Killer. Well didn’t she give him a run for his money. 

‘Killer’ Gets Taken to the Cleaners 

Mum has a good friend, Sister Eileen, and together they workout with Killer doing all the exercises that he demands of them and it is fair to say, on this particular day, they wore Killer out. He had to have a cup of tea, a BEX and a good lie down just to get his breath back after such a tough session. These girls are by far, much fitter than you would think and when they work together, they are awesome and full of cheek. 

A Friendship Made in Heaven 

The salient point being made here is these two women are inspirational. When you factor in just how old they are it is very apparent that they, just like Lucy and I, egg each other on. You see, having a buddy to get fit with makes all the difference and if you don’t think you can become fit then team up with a friend and see where that ends up. 

The Essence of Longevity 

So long as you do something every day to keep yourself moving. It seems to me that the exercises they do together keep these fabulous old women bright and chirpy. It enables them to spend their afternoons knitting and needleworking, producing beautiful handmade items for a variety of causes from babies wraps to homeless people in need of a blanket. 

Idleness is an Active Cause of Evil 

They are never idle and love life and everything it has to offer. Wow, to be able to live for 100 years and be as happy and fit as that is a great goal to strive for. For me, positivity is the key to my Mum’s long life, and I think she has understood the value of vitality and energy in living a great life. It is all too easy to just fall through the cracks if you are not fit as you get older, but if you work at being fit I think it will help you stay healthy and happy for much longer. 

Hear Us Roar – Older Women Trailblazing a Path for us Youngins 

In so doing older women are demanding to be heard and that is a roar that is not going to lessen as they get older.  My Mum and Sister Eileen are trailblazers for me. They are fit, happy and able to contribute to society in such a positive way. They know what they want and expect from life and demand their needs are met. That is what ageing is all about and it should be treasured. 

Keep up the good work Mum and Sister Eileen and let’s see where life takes you next. 

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