Posh Active is the new uniform in activewear for women, redefining the industry standard of a ‘one look fits all’, with little regard to age, size, or body shape.
By embracing the need to give women what they want, we offer a refreshingly effortless collection of luxurious activewear essentials, reintroducing femininity and softness with a strong timeless appeal. Posh Active is rewriting the rules of engagement to reflect and respect the diversity of all women with a focus on the need for women to feel they look great.
The Posh Active collection is made for women to find their own activewear style by layering and mixing and matching individual pieces to suit their own shape and size.



Posh Active Founders

Founders, Gai Brennan and Lucy McLaren, met in 2015 at a fitness studio and a bond was formed over their desire to be fit, healthy and look fabulous all the time. They were both frustrated and discouraged by the shortcomings of activewear available in the market and could see the need for innovative change. It was this that cemented their business partnership and friendship and Posh Active was created to build a brand around their vision to provide beautiful flattering activewear clothes that could be worn anytime.

Founder Gai Brennan

Having been obsessed with fashion since starting her career, in her early 20’s, with Jenny Kee, Gai went on to own and operate high-end fashion stores, in rural NSW for over 30 years, sourcing pieces from around the world. Starting an activewear brand inclusive to all women was a natural step in her quest to help women always look their best.

Founder Lucy McLaren

Lucy grew up surrounded by strong competent country women who were both creative and stylish. Through difficult times these women not only coped but flourished in rural NSW and that is the takeaway message that Lucy has applied to her adult life. She has owned and operated successful businesses through the toughest of times in very harsh environments and has always remembered her role-modelling of work hard, be clever but always look your best.
Lucy’s business acumen and creativity complement Gai’s extensive background in fashion and business. Between the two of them they make one powerful team.
Posh Active is known and loved for its beautiful soft fabrics. We always work in 4 way stretch that gives drape and softness to all body shapes and sizes. Our Viscose/Poly is developed exclusively in India for Posh Active and is so comfortable and luxurious to wear that girls leave it on all day.
Between Australia and India, we work with only Fair-Trade companies that treat their workers with respect and pay standard wages as per regulations by all relevant governments. For more information about our production please follow the link. http://www.signatureconsultants.com.au/about-us.html

 Posh Active will continue to inspire women to take responsibility for their health and fitness as they age by providing a line of ethically produced alternative activewear. In changing how women think and view activewear we are giving them permission to dress differently, hence Posh Active is the NEW UNIFORM in activewear!                               

By joining the Posh Active Family, you will give us the means to support worthwhile charities to improve the lives of less fortunate women worldwide.