Why Posh Active?

Posh Active emerged from our personal frustration and need. We couldn't help but notice the lack of activewear options designed with the sophistication and comfort that women deserve.

At Posh Active, we have a deep understanding of the unique and ever-changing nature of a woman's body and the impact of hormonal shifts throughout her life. We recognize that a woman's body undergoes various transformations, from the teenage years to motherhood, menopause and beyond, and we celebrate these changes. Our designs are crafted with utmost care to provide comfort, support, and style that adapt to these evolving needs. We believe that embracing these natural changes is a beautiful part of a woman's journey, and our activewear is tailored to empower women at every stage of life, making them feel confident, comfortable, and stylish no matter what.

Have you ever pondered why the activewear industry often leans towards tight-fitting, overly sensual designs that predominantly cater to younger women? Why does it overlook the elegance and comfort that women of all ages desire? These questions have echoed in our minds, and at Posh Active, we're committed to addressing these concerns.

As we delved deeper into the activewear landscape, we uncovered a range of inequalities, illogical practices, and, quite frankly, moments of amusement.

We realized that the true "Villain" behind this neglect is ignorance. It's a force that has underestimated you, dismissed your needs, and overlooked your incredible potential. Ignorance has kept the activewear industry in the dark, unaware of the vibrant community of women like you who are rewriting the rules of aging and embracing a healthy, active lifestyle.

It wasn’t until we disrupted the industry with thoughtful, realistic, comfortable activewear that we started seeing amazing results. Not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones and customers as well. It gives us great joy impacting the lives of older women and those around them.


At Posh Active, we are here to change that narrative. We are dedicated to providing activewear that women can be proud to wear, with a strong focus on inclusivity and empowerment. Our commitment to you is to make you look good in activewear that not only fits well but also makes you feel confident and comfortable.


Our mission is to empower women with elegant, fashion-forward activewear that embraces their active lifestyle. Posh Active combines style and functionality to create the perfect balance, tailored specifically for you. We celebrate the beauty of aging gracefully and inspire confidence in pursuing your active endeavours.


Our name represents our unwavering commitment to providing activewear that celebrates your unique beauty while supporting your active lifestyle. With Posh Active, you can indulge in the confidence of fashionable activewear while embracing the energetic and vibrant lifestyle you deserve.


But don't just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the transformational power of Posh Active activewear. They have found liberation from discomfort and have been inspired to move. We pride ourselves on using premium materials, thoughtful designs, and attention to detail to ensure our activewear fits you perfectly, providing the utmost comfort during your workouts or daily activities.


Embrace your journey, empower your life, and inspire others.

Join us in challenging the status quo, breaking free from stereotypes, and promoting inclusivity and empowerment for women. Posh Active is here to celebrate your strength, beauty, and unique journey. Together, let's embrace a healthier and more vibrant life filled with confidence and joy.