Posh Active is for women who have lived. Our business model is focused on women over 50, who have been overlooked for so long in the active-wear industry.

We understand you have spent your lifetime finding your style and groove, and for the first time ever we bring you enjoyable active-wear that makes you feel empowered and confident with the knowledge that it is designed especially for you.

Being Healthy is about all being Active and Looking fabulous is all about POSH ACTIVE.

Here at Posh Active we are active women designing for women with a busy lifestyle.  For us to stay busy and relevant we need to be FIT and HEALTHY and we care about how we look because "how we look is how we feel".

Looking fabulous, while staying HEALTHY, is as important to older women as it is to girls in their 20's.

POSH ACTIVE bridges the gap from girlhood to maturity, combining 3 genres of clothing


Our mission is to provide women with luxury active-wear and lifestyle clothing. Our designs and collaboration with Planet by Lauren G have been created to compliment every woman's figure to look effortlessly chick.  Loose fitting, easy tailoring, classic and comfortable.


Posh Active was nurtured to life out of necessity by - us, Gai Brennan and Lucy McLaren.

Our active-wear, athleisure brand was born instinctively from what we wanted to wear to the gym and afterwards.  Proud of who we are and our age, it is essential for us to feel we look savvy and fashionable in active-wear that isn't offensive to the eye.  Paramount on our journey for health and well-being was to make sure we had the confidence to go out in public, knowing we looked glamorous in our active-wear that wasn’t recognisable as active-wear.  Beautiful fabrics made from blends of viscose, polyester and spandex, the clothes glide loosely over the body looking fabulously stylish as well as being superbly comfortable and versatile.

We are creating a paradigm shift in the way women, all around the world, think about active-wear, by allowing them to look beautiful when exercising and beyond.



PLANET clothing presents a true line of lifestyle womenswear. The natural fabrics and earth tone color pallet in this women’s clothing line create a luxurious hand while maintaining modern elegance. Planet clothing is known for their luxurious pima cotton tee shirts and sweaters combining architectural shapes and high quality fabrics. These Japanese inspired soft silhouettes and relaxed fits offer comfortable sophistication. Our online Planet Collection encompasses the favorite Boxy Tees, EZ V Tees, Pima Cotton Sweaters, Button Ups, dresses, jersey leggings and more. Planet women's apparel line was designed for layering, truly giving opportunity for individual styling and personal expression. The pieces are built to take you from season to season with the ability to mix, match and layer in the newest collections seamlessly to create an ever evolving personal collection.

Timeless, ageless, seasonless clothing that you must have
when you can’t go nude!!!
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