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Posh Active Celebrates JENNY KEE - A FASHION ICON

by Gai Brennan 12 Dec 2019 1 comment

Posh Active and Living with Gai Abandon go hand in hand in saluting Jenny Kee a true fashion icon.

Jenny stands alone in the Australian Fashion Industry with her style that is recognized and respected the world over. I have known and loved Jenny for over 40 years and during that time I have come to understand and appreciate what true style really is.


Jenny oozes style and one only has to be with her for a very short time to feel the vibe. It just somehow drip-feeds in, and if you are anything like me, you just want to understand and experience the wonder it brings. When you see the world through Jenny’s eyes believe me it is a different world to what you are used to. Jenny’s world is pretty. It is soft and it is very kind and it is the kind of world we all talk about, as our favourite place to be.

Jenny has shared her world with us through her fashion and I think we are all, better people for that.  I know I am.


When I first introduced Jenny to Posh Active, she was very interested in what we were doing. She wanted to touch and feel it and she wanted to try it on. As she tried each piece on, a look of sheer joy passed over her and she refused to take the pieces off. She just kept piling them on and told me I was never getting them back. What a hoot. When we had our face-off and Jenny won, keeping every piece, we then stated to make sense of Posh Active for Jenny, and we started photographing her in the style that she would wear it. It suddenly all made sense and looked luxurious. This is active-wear and after-active-wear (athleisure) like the world has never seen and if Jenny Kee says she loves it – SHE LOVES IT. 

Take a look at Jenny in our Ebony Tracksuit Collection

Don’t waste another minute all you girls, get into Posh Active and feel the vibe. It might just change your life for the better. At the same time, you can visit ‘Step Into Paradise’ an exhibition of Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson’s lifetime of work at the Powerhouse museum, Sydney. Gobsmackingly  amazing.

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1 comment

08 May 2020 Klava Widdicombe

You girls are the best.

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