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STAYING MOTIVATED IN 2020 (burn your couch and don’t be a statistic)

by Gai Brennan 31 Jan 2020 0 Comments

How did you all go with keeping your New Years Resolutions? 

Did that casual promise you made to yourself, that you had no legal obligation to fulfill, come completely undone in the first 30 days of 2020? 

Did you get completely lost and panic stricken or not start at all?

Think about this for a minute while you endure the discomfort of your broken promise.

With the worrying statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, reporting that 3 in 5 women are overweight or obese, I am a firm believer that the lack of real choice in activewear, is a huge barrier to many women exercising.


Most women aren’t elite athletes and they don’t want to squeeze into clothes that are made for elite athletes. Women tell me, all the time, that if they have to look that bad, they are not prepared to get off their couches.


As women move through mid-life and beyond their bodies change and society should be celebrating that with them. In celebrating body changes, we should be able to offer them clothes that make them feel comfortable whatever they are doing. Active wear should not be at odds with that and Posh Active addresses this very issue. In so doing, Posh Active has removed the excuse factor for millions of women worldwide.

No more is it OK to say, 'I have nothing to wear’.  Yes, you do LOVE, now get off your BUM and start moving, so you can be that vital, energetic and highly respected member of society that society needs you to be.


See, it's not that hard and with a bit of TLC you can all pick yourselves up and get going. Trust me, feeling that you look good is half the battle and once you start wearing Posh Active you will want to exercise every day just so you can justify having every piece, in every colour, in your wardrobe.

Start off with our Marigold Tank and a pair of Gigi Tights. Once you love the comfort of them, the rest of the pieces will take care of themselves. You will just have to have them.


Don’t be a statistic, be a warrior for a great life and join in with the Posh Active revolution, changing the way the world sees active wear.

Join me in the gym and then burn that couch – there are no negatives to exercise!!!!!

Take a look by clicking on the link:

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