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What I Wear Changes The Way I Think

by Gai Brennan 03 Nov 2019 0 Comments

Have you ever thought that what you wear and how you put it together tells a story about who you are and how you see yourself in the world?

I think about that every time I go to my wardrobe.  How do I want the world to see me today?


If I am feeling a little fragile or lacking energy or whatever and not enjoying being in my own skin right at that point, I can change that feeling by choosing some killer combination of pieces to wear that will certainly make my heart sing.  If I have gone to some trouble and think I have cracked it putting a great look together, my mood will change instantly, and I am ready for anything that life will serve up to me for the whole day.  All because I feel empowered by how I present to the world.  It really is that simple.


My name is Gai Brennan and I am the co-founder of Posh Active, a label that has turned the concept of activewear upside down.  I am 64 years old and when I turned 60 I realised that my body was changing – it was ageing.  I wanted to have some control over that because I want to live a long and healthy life.  I naturally have a sunny disposition, which I know is impacted by how I think I present to the world.

So, you ask where is all this going?  Well let me tell you.

  • Ageing
  • Desire to live long and be healthy
  • Need to feel I look OK at all times
  • Understanding the need to be FIT in order to achieve all the above.


My wheels fell off when I joined the gym and tried to source appropriate workout wear.  I was confronted with what can only be described as EYEBURN (severe distress to the eyes).  You know the gig: -

  • Too tight
  • Very uncomfortable
  • Too HOT
  • Too generic. One look for all ages

If I had to squeeze myself into tight, hot activewear and look the same as my daughters, because that is all there is available, then all my dreams of a long and healthy life evaporated and I was left feeling miserable.  That didn’t suit me, and I thought I would take control and live my dreams my way.  I would present my best self in the gym and I would continue to present my best self after the gym.


As fate would have it, I met Lucy McLaren whilst exercising and found that she was feeling just like me.  The interesting thing is, Lucy has just turned 50 and although she is a fair bit younger than me, we both feel the same about how we present to the world.  If we feel like this than there must be millions of other women all over the world feeling the same.  We decided to make workout wear we would be happy to exercise in and with a layer or two, that same workout wear formed itself into a wonderfully chic outfit.  Instantly our lives changed forever, and we decided to share this Holy Grail of activewear with the world.


Women everywhere are embracing Posh Active and we are constantly receiving wonderful feedback from our customers.  One of the most interesting points of feedback is that wearing our luxury activewear all day long acts as a reminder to make healthy choices giving our customers a  psychological advantage to their day.  Posh Active offers a range of pieces suitable for all types of exercises to take you through your day.

As the great Kaiser Karl (Largerfeld) once said, EVOLUTION IS THE SECRET FOR THE NEXT STEP.  Lucy and I believe Posh Active has evolved the whole concept of activewear for a more mature audience and brought something really CHIC to the market for women the world over to enjoy.

Just remember Girls

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