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Why Staying Fit and Strong gives me an Advantage

by Gai Brennan 21 Feb 2020 0 Comments

Well what fun we had on Valentine’s Day going fishing. I think I could get into that groove, but I just don’t know how long I would last, SITTIN ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY, keeping quiet. I think that might be a bridge too far for me.

This week I went for a little workout session, so I thought, with my PT, Malachii. 

If you look at look our latest video on Facebook: you will get an idea of just what he expects from me. I think he forgets I am a decrepit old woman-NOT! Good boy Mal, keep forgetting that.

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Why do I have a PT you ask? Well girls I want to remain fit and strong as I age. I am not prepared to surrender control of my body for someone else to protect and look after because it is just assumed that I can’t protect myself as I age. I want to be that warrior looking after me for as long as I can. At my age I want to know exactly how to do exercises without getting a nasty injury and I want to be pushed beyond what I think my limit is. I see it all the time in the gym, people not knowing what they are doing and going at it ‘hell for leather’. I only ever see those people for a short burst of time because I figure they either get bored or they get hurt.

Never Be Intimidated By Your PT - Revenge is always an option

I don’t see Mal all that often because he sets me a program that he knows I can do and leaves me to do it for a while on my own. However, make no mistake when I do see him, he makes sure he punishes me. Never to be intimidated I do what he demands and then scheme to get him back as soon as the set is finished. He generally has a bruise or two when he goes home.

Workout with a Buddy

The other thing that keeps me going to the gym is that I go with Lucy and we giggle our way around the floor doing all sorts of weird and wonderful exercises.  Lucy is a bit mad like Mal, and she pushes me to keep up with her at every turn. I fall about laughing most of the time because I know how clutzy I must look to them, but I am trying and that is all that matters. What I have found is that going with a buddy is so much fun and I look forward to going more often than not.

Most importantly, don't forget to look FABULOUS - that's Motivation

As soon as I started wearing Posh Active, I knew I looked OK and I felt really comfortable. With a buddy like Lucy to work out with my life changed for me and now 4 years later I feel strong and healthy and killer fit. Now I can go to the gym and head on out for coffee or lunch afterwards feeling great in Posh Active. Don’t be afraid to join our tribe and experience life through our lens. A piece or two from the range will get you started and before long you will be groovin to the PA mantra and lovin life.

Just Remember Girls


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