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Living With Gai Abandon

Compression Wear Won't Cure a Muffin Top

by Gai Brennan 03 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Hello Girls,

Lucy and I have been planning a quiet revolution for some time now in the activewear world and Posh Active has become our life’s breath that we share with women all around the world. 

The result of our convictions is a resounding girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE POSH ACTIVE and we just want to say thank you for your generosity of spirit and willingness to connect into our world. Your responses have energised us to take our ideas and rework how we all see ourselves in so many areas of our lives. Your beautiful letters and emails have touched our hearts.


It is a very well-known fact that women worldwide, regardless of age, consider health and wellbeing one of their highest priorities. 

Being fit and healthy, has become one of the most marketable concepts in this modern era. 

It appears that women of generation X and Baby Boomers have greater concerns regarding their health than generation Y, due to their changing body and life experiences. 

Women have traditionally been more reactive than proactive with their health and now taking things for granted is no longer the best option. 

With all this in mind, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are joining the fitness craze in mass numbers. 

When we look at how these women dress it becomes very clear - change is needed!  In a gym how easy is it to spot the women wearing tight fitting clothes, showing her body in a very unflattering and all too often a too revealing manner? Good on them for going to the gym, but rest assured they are not feeling comfortable or inconspicuous.  Or the alternative, they wear the oldest tee shirt and shorts they can find in the cupboard, either theirs or their hubby’s and at the end of their session quickly escape any idle conversation, by rushing home at the first possible opportunity.


That these poor souls have been overlooked and forgotten is shameful and it is our mission to rectify this terrible state of affairs.

However, before we let you know how we intend to carry out our mission it might be of some interest to you, to know who we are and how we arrived at this point in our lives.

Posh Active is the brainchild of Gai Brennan (me) and Lucy McLaren, my trusted business partner and friend.

In late 2015 we met by chance at the gym where we each had a goal to become KILLER FIT. Of course, with that common goal we were destined to meet and with our 14-year age difference we forged a great friendship and hatched a plan to deliver to women, globally, a new concept in activewear.

Lucy and I believe there has been a major oversight in the provision of activewear apparel for women over 50, 60, 70 and beyond, and feel vindicated in our beliefs by the response we are receiving from women telling us how refreshing it is to be acknowledged, respected and spoken to in a tone that recognises life’s experiences.


As our friendship grew we worked out with humour and goodwill and having not belonged to a gym before, we were gobsmacked at being jolted into a new world of REAL BAD LOOKS. In questioning the REAL BAD LOOKS we were overwhelmed with the mantra that to work out you must look like an ‘elite athlete’ in skin tight pieces that you can’t move in.  Truth of the matter is that exercise doesn’t discriminate, it is possible to get fit by not looking like an ‘elite athlete’ and compression wear won’t cure a muffin top! 

In applying our truly MAGNIFICENT BRAINS to the problem we fixed it REAL QUICK.

We were able to do this because we understand how important it is for women to look and feel they are well dressed regardless of the occasion.

The journey has changed our lives and we have set about to create a new perspective and achieve a paradigm shift in the way Gen Xers and Baby Boomers view activewear.


We intend to show you how Posh Active can revolutionize the way you see yourself when you are exercising and how a small positive shift in thinking can impact your whole life.

Through Facebook and Instagram, we will teach you how to wear Posh Active and how you can change it up to suit any activity.

The days of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers being forgotten ARE OVER!!!

The revolution has begun, and it is gathering pace.

Move over to all those in charge of how we have looked for too long.

We are moving in and we are setting the new rules for our age and our time.....

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