Baby Boomer Takes Out Top Sports Innovation Award - Horror at Major Oversight by Big Players

Hi Girls, 

Stop Right There! 

There is no excuse for not having somewhere to exercise. If you have never done it before, why don’t you give the idea of a Bootcamp Workout a go? That’s exactly what I did with my lovely friends Lisa and Margherita when I met them in the park recently. 

A False Sense of Security Catches Girls by Surprise 

I wondered whether they had ever done a BOOTCAMP workout. From their easy-going attitude towards the idea of it, and their underestimation of what Lucy and I really do to stay fit, it made be believe they were not prepared for what was ahead. Good, that was all I needed to put the skids under them well and truly.  

Outsmarting the Smartest of Intentions - Girls Deflate Gaisy’s Tyre before She Starts 

However, make no mistake, these two are very clever women and had me worked out in a second. Yes, they had me organising the routine, but first I had to show them, several times, what I wanted them to do and how to do it, with the intensity of how it should be done. You get the picture; I was worn out before we started. Good one Gaisy. 

Gaisy’s Hustle Lifts Girls To Focus on Fitness 

Make no mistake, I demonstrated perfectly, each routine, and they had nowhere to go but give me their very best in return. They were both very good in the end and we managed to get through a lot of exercises in a reasonable time.   

The exercises went from: 

  •  Flipping MJT (Mary Jane Tyre) up a hill 
  • A bench set of ‘Old Lady Push-Ups' 
  • Balance training on MJT,  
  • Tricep push-ups on the bench again.  
  • Quick sprints and burpees, uphill of course. 
  • To finish off we did sit-ups, push-ups and the SIDEWAYS PLANK as a final kicker.  

Wow, I wasn’t sure whether the girls would make it out of the park and home in one piece.  

The Winner of the Day is Friendship 

When I think back it is obvious that we all had a pretty fabulous workout while having a great time. Meeting those two great girls in the park has made me realise even more, how much fun it can be to work out with your mates. It is not how you do it or exactly what you do, but more THAT you do it. My exercising is so much better when I include a friend or two. I wonder whether it has to do with me trying like mad to keep up with them all. I also think MJT loves an outing as well. The only stipulation MJT makes is that we all look our best while we try our best and, in the park, we all felt we were superstars thanks to Posh Active. 

Just Remember 

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