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Golden Ager Leaps to the Top of Sydney’s Honour List

by Gai Brennan 11 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Hello Girls, 

Life will never be Dreary with My Girl Gaisy 

Never ones to let life become dreary, Lucy and I thought an early morning walk through Hyde Park in Sydney, down to the Opera House, would be a good little heart-starter for the day ahead. An early morning and we didn’t know where we would end up or how we would get there, or what route we would take. We just walked and talked, and our walk took on a life of its own, like all our exercise ideas seem to. 

Following in Rocky’s Footsteps Gaisy Leaps to the Top 

The morning was glorious, with the sun shining brilliantly and as we walked down Macquarie Street the Opera House came into our view with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop. That was magical for me and once at the bottom of the Opera House steps, I was unable to contain myself, with visions of Rocky Balboa running up those stairs in New York. Remember that movie, when we were all young, I was in awe of Rocky. I felt like I could emulate him if I made it to the top and guess what, I leapt up those Opera House stairs two at a time and got to the top with ease. My thoughts at the top where, either Rocky is a fraud, or I am really fit. Let's just stick with the second. 

Taking Up Residency in the Royal Botanic Gardens 

After my descent I was on fire so naturally a walk and run through the beautiful Sydney Botanic Gardens was needed. AS I passed through those fabulous gates I imagined myself owning that piece of real estate, with a team of gardeners keeping my home always looking its fabulous best. “I belong here”, so I thought it best to act like I owned the joint and welcome everyone who crossed my path. 

Burning Off a few Young ones 

There were so many people walking and running around the foreshore and so it was time to give a few girls a run for their money. They were too busy talking and laughing to notice me leaving them in my wake, but it also brought home to me just how fit I really am. I love that feeling and I can honestly say that if I feel I look OK and not like a WANNABE elite athlete, I am happy to push myself to achieve goals I never thought possible. 

The Magic of Friendship and a Buddy to Work-out with 

While I was having a little sit-down after my big run, I started thinking about how I became fit and I realised that it was because I had Lucy to play with. We work out nearly every day doing something or other giggling our way through the whole routine. Lucy is a lot younger than me and I turn myself inside out keeping up with her. When she gets behind her camera, she eggs me on to new heights of madness and of course I can’t resist the challenge. Her imagination is also a little out of control, as the mother of 3 young sons who are all athletic. Forgetting how old I am, she constantly sets me up to do things like I was in my 20’s and just laughs when I goof up which is daily.  

Gaisy’s Moment of Sanity “I’m not the Mad One” - Whose wearing what shoes? 

In my mind I am looking good in my Posh Active and I am performing like a real athlete. I actually don’t care what anyone else thinks because I am laughing lots and having so much fun with that buddy of mine. I look forward to every day and the next mad scheme the Old Girl will dream up for me to attempt. You heard that correctly girls, I'm not the MAD ONE, I’m just the one having fun. 

Just Remember Girls 


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