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Living With Gai Abandon

Senior Yoga Master Silences Her Critics with Extreme Yoga Positions

by Gai Brennan 04 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Hi Girls,

Models shaken by Gaisy’s words, “we’ve got a little bit of work to do with you two”

This week Lucy and I had to travel out of town for an interview, and we were lucky to be joined by Lisa and Margherita, our lovely models. We had a really interesting lunch together, after which I thought we should get our ZEN going and do a yoga workout. You see both those girls are regular yoga goers and I thought I could become a yogi too. It surely couldn’t be that hard. (It was also very clear to me that these girls needed to put in a little bit of work before their big modelling gig in July).

Vibrant Yoga Pants bring Zen to the camp

First, I made them get dressed in their best yoga gear, Posh Active of course and then we found a lovely park that was all calm and peaceful – very ZEN I thought. I made Lisa lead us in the exercise routine so that I could get a handle on what to do and very soon I felt I was getting the hang of it.

KhaLisa Yogeswari (aka Lisa) attempts the impossible by trying to slow Gaisy down

I realised quite soon that yoga training is a very different discipline to footy training and once I was able to slow the whole show down a bit, I was able to get down and dirty with those yoga stretches.  Whilst they were challenging, they were not as demanding as the push-ups and burpees of the football field.

Hell waits for Gaisy as she stretches the truth

That was of course until I highjacked the session and took over. Once I felt that I was up to speed with yoga, I thought I could become the yogi and I had Lisa and Margherita doing stretches that they had never done before. I explained that it was only different because they had never done it before, but I assured them the real yogi’s do my type of stretching all the time. I did have my fingers crossed while saying this to them, so I am really hoping that Hell is not awaiting me for stretching the truth!

LEGS OVER HEAD STRETCH - a unique move by a yogi master

The best stretch of the day turned out to be what I call the LEGS OVER HEAD STRETCH. That is where you lie on the ground and hoist your legs up in the air and then over your head and on to the ground. It is hard to get there but what a stretch. It is worth all the difficulty just getting there and whilst stretching you can turn your mind to how you are going to get out of the stretch in one piece. As we are all finely tuned yogi’s, it wasn’t difficult for us to get back to our sitting position but if you are not KILLER-FIT, I suggest you wait until your yoga teacher takes you to that level.

Welcome Yogi - GAISY HARMONY VINYASA BLOOM – a full-blown yogi

All of us yogi’s are very careful to protect the reputation of our discipline and now that I am a full-blown yogi, in my mind, I am ready for anything in the stretching world. Who knows where all this ZEN will take me?

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