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NZ Warriors high-tail it out of Tamworth fearing Gai’s enthusiasm

by Gai Brennan 29 May 2020 0 Comments

Hi Girls,

A new sport for Gaisy – quite naturally she chose Rugby League

What a week we have just had and now that things are starting to relax a little Lucy and I thought that the time had come to learn a new sport – Rugby League. I had never been to a football match in my life until I met Lucy, who is the mother of 3 boys who are all football heads. They train, they play, they watch, and they are super fit, so I thought they needed a NANA to give them a life’s lesson they will never forget. You know when you are in your teens and early 20’s, you think you are a GOD, well I thought it about time to give them a run for their money and then I thought I could go one better than that.

NZ Warriors isolating in Tamworth and Gaisy joins the team

We have the New Zealand Warrior boys in isolation here where I live, and I got to thinking that they would be training every day. I further thought that if Lucy’s boys wouldn’t try to get all up close and cuddly with them, then I would. Every football team on the planet has injuries throughout the season causing players to be sidelined and I thought in these difficult times, I could get up to speed and offer a hand to help them out if injury hits. So naturally I went on my first football BOOTCAMP to get into shape.

Coach, Bernt Shocker, puts the Girls through their paces

It was a Saturday and we got our friend Bernard, who is a football coach for a local rugby union club, and he put both Lucy and I through our paces. He taught us how to pass the football, tackle our opponents and he taught us how to kick goals. I was good at that because I am kicking goals all the time, so a football upright was right up my alley! I thought Lucy was the trainer from Hell but no, she is a Girly Girl compared to Bernard, otherwise known as ‘Bernt Shocker’. He made us do push-ups and burpees and runs and tackles and kicks and on and on it went. Unlike Lucy though, he did give us 30 second rests so we could recover our senses a bit.

Bernt Shocker backs Gaisy’s bid to play for NZ Warriors

That pace kept up for an hour and in the end, I thought I would have to take matters into my own hands and finish Bernard off myself. However, just in the nick of time, Bernard called time and told me he thought I had performed admirably, and I would certainly be able to lend those Warrior boys a hand, should the need arise.

Warriors high-tail it out of Tamworth fearing Gai’s enthusiasm

The Warrior boys got wind of my training rigour and quickly made the decision to exit Tamworth and take shelter. On their way out they did the HAKA for me and promised to do their best for the rest of the season. They were really chuffed at my offer, but it was pointed out to me that this town is just not big enough for us all. They were not able to be overshadowed by a killer-fit NANA, so they ran away instead. I get that, if I were them, I’d run too. As for Lucy’s boys, they just shake their heads in wonderment, and Bernard is anxious that Lucy and I keep our routine going so we don’t lose our fitness.

Keep an eye out for me when the season restarts, I just may be called in to help those Warrior boys when the going gets REAL TUFF.

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