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Climb Like A Girl - Rockwallers Astounded By Veteran Climber

by Gai Brennan 20 May 2020 0 Comments

activewear skirt

HI Girls,

Roll on Rockwalling, Stair Running, Hill Climbing ……..

Well, I guess by now you believe me when I say I get bored doing the same thing every day and I need a new challenge often to keep me on my toes. Roll on Rock Walling and Stair Running and Hill Climbing. Lucy and I decided to change things up a bit and she had this idea that we could visit one of our lookouts and do a workout. Little did I know what awaited me! Not only did she get me running up the mountain, she then had me running up many stairs to get to the top. There seemed no end in sight but when I finally made it to the summit and looked out over that wonderful vista, I felt so good and so in charge of my bod. What seemed impossible to begin with actually worked out really well and when we started our descent, I felt I had more to give.

Scaling to Great Heights - Strong and Awesome

It was then that the universe stepped in and led me to look at the Rock Wall in all its glory. You know how I have tried scaling walls before, but this time was different. There was a wall and I knew I could conquer it. How many times on tele have we seen those famous Rock Wallers scaling great heights? I have looked at them with delight over the years wishing I could do what they do but never thinking for a minute that it would ever be possible. Something went PING inside my head, and I was off to see if I could do it. I just followed my gut and knew it was possible. I was careful and I was strong and when I got to the top, I felt AWESOME.

You Just Have To Start Somewhere and you may just look truly Goofy – who cares?

I realised when I got to the top that whatever seems impossible is not all that difficult. You just have to start somewhere and keep at it. Before long you will feel different and it might just make you want to keep going. I don’t attempt anything I don’t think I can manage, and I am happy to make mistakes along the way and look truly GOOFY. At the end of the day I believe, it’s not what you look like but it’s how it makes you feel. I am also careful to avoid injuries.

Cute Little Flossy all ‘Hoiked’ up – keep your dignity Girls

What does keep me going you may well ask and honestly, I can tell you that it is wearing my beautiful Posh Active pieces. Last week I wore a cute little Flossy Skirt over my Gigi tights. I just ‘hoiked’ her up a bit when I was ‘doing my thang’ and she performed admirably. Flossy knows that we girls want to keep our dignity at all times, and she accommodates. At the end of the workout she slips back down into place on the waist and we look like we have been socialising not working out. How good is that.

Don’t leave me alone Lucy - where are you?

You might have noticed that Lucy is great at choosing where we workout and she gets as bored as me doing the same thing every day. You may also have noticed she is NOT running up mountains and stairs and she is not scaling rock walls. You are right to think there is a disconnect going on here and I am about to do something about that. I have an idea that might just involve a NZ football team for next week so keep up with us and watch me NAIL that Lucy....... Naughty Girl.

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