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Benching Myself Right Off The Verandah

by Gai Brennan 08 May 2020 0 Comments

Hi Girls,

Big Rig Tyres – an honest workout

Wow, so much has happened in the last few weeks that I am having a time of it just keeping up. You have all seen me flip my BIG RIG TYRES, and they are really challenging because there is no easy way of flipping them. You either flip or you don’t so it is a really honest workout.

A few staples and Bingo – A Girly Girl Bench is all you need

However, my problem is I get bored doing the same thing every day and I need a new challenge often to keep me on my toes. Guess what, my UNIVERSE gets me and just like magic Lucy and I found an old workout bench ready to be tossed on the rubbish heap. We thought great, we will resurrect that lovely piece and we went to our favourite hardware store, got some white paint and a few coats later and she’s looking much sprightlier. Next, we went to our favourite fabric store and found a great offcut, just the right size to cover our bench. A few staples later and BINGO we had a new bench ready to work on. I call that a good benchmark reached. A home gym that is really inviting and fun.

She’s not a Dork, she’s a very willing participant

Once we got all set up, it was time to start working out and Lucy, being the trainer from Hell, sprang right into action pushing me to my limits yet again. I have learnt the hard way with both her and Mal, don’t talk back and don’t try and out smart them – it doesn’t work in my favour. So now I just try and do what I am told but the upshot is I feel I look like a DORK doing just about every exercise. I have also realised that it really doesn’t matter to me what my form looks like because it is how I feel later that is the best. I try my hardest and I laugh lots because of the sheer hilarity of what I am trying to do, and I think that is the fun of it all. I also need to feel comfortable, something that is achievable for me wearing my Posh Active.

Elite Athlete – I think not!

Don't be afraid of not looking like an elite athlete when you attempt a routine. Who cares? If I can do it with good humour so can you. In striving for perfection, we have to make lots of mistakes along the way and if you can laugh at yourself and do it with a friend in tow, then you just might end up being that elite athlete. I think that is a bridge too far for me, but it is the journey that is important for me.

All glammed up in ISO.  Why Not?

Make no mistake, if I didn’t think I was dressed appropriately, there would be NO JOURNEY for me. Even in LOCKDOWN, you can look your most fabulous self and when all the fam ZOOM IN for Mother’s Day what a surprise for them to see you look wonderful in your home gym all glammed up in Posh Active. My mob just can’t get enough of my madness – they are on the ZOOM all day long!

Benching myself right off the verandah

In the meantime, I will continue benchmarking with my bench and we will see where that ends up. As long as I don’t bench myself right off that verandah, I think I might survive.

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