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Living With Gai Abandon

Mid-Lifer Shuns 'Athletic Identity - Own Your Age

by Gai Brennan 21 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Hi Girls, 

Gaisy impressed by Aussie Expat Living in Mexico 

I have just had the most amazing conversation with Mary van de Wiel, an expat now living a most interesting life in Mexico. Mary, or Van, as she is known to the world, ran her own advertising agency in Sydney and then in New York and a few years ago retired to Mexico. She is now an artist and in between painting she is making the most incredible bags with the help of the artisans in Mexico. 

Older Women with New Careers 

During our conversation what struck me about Van was that she was very beautiful and so engaging. Her mind was active, and she was as sharp as a tack, as she nears 70. She loved what we have achieved with Posh Active and understood we are appealing to an older group of women. 

Activewear Bias Against Older Women 

When I say there is nothing around in active wear for older women, I mean there is nothing around. And when I say older I am talking about women aged from 50 to one 100, quite a substantial percentage of the global population. The problem we have faced with our label is that we are told we can’t use older models and use the word MATURE because that will have a negative impact on our audience. 

Start Owning Your Age 

What rot. Isn't it about time that we started OWNING OUR AGE? I mean I think it's an outrage that I am expected to go to the gym with my daughters who are in their 30’s and wear the same clothes as them. I call it the UNIFORM because there is nothing else out there to buy. I have spent my entire life working in the fashion industry and I have been dressing beautiful women for over 40 years. When I say I know fashion, believe me I know fashion. The one thing I am sure about is that nowhere in the world did I ever see it acceptable for mothers to wear the same clothes as their daughters, in the same way as their daughters. 

One Look for all Ages – Not on Gaisy’s Watch 

My experience tells me that no generation wants to look like another generation but in the active wear industry it seems that everyone must look the same no matter what their age. I DON’T THINK SO. 

65, Proud, Fit and Living 

I am happy to own my age of 65 and I am happy to go to the gym and work out as hard as the young ones. I know I am never going to be better than them, that’s not the point of why I go. I go because I love how it makes me feel and if I feel I look groovy then it makes me feel even better. 

Gaisy, the new Gloria Steinem - “THIS IS WHAT 65 LOOKS LIKE” 

Posh Active is really groovy exercise wear and all the pieces in the range mix-n-match so that when your workout is over you can don another layer and be seen anywhere without feeling you need to run and hide. That is why I developed Posh Active with my buddy Lucy, who by the way is a whole generation younger than me. Don’t tell her I said that, she thinks I think I'm her age. My point exactly, OWN YOUR AGE and everyone around you will forget about age and will just want to hang with you because you will be inspirational. Remember what Gloria Steinem said when she was 40: “this is what 40 looks like” I love that line. Well take a look at me and hear me roar “THIS IS WHAT 65 LOOKS LIKE”.  Try and dress me like a 20-year-old or an elite- athlete and I will be offended, and you will hear about it. Dress me in Posh Active and I look like ME. Groovy and with it. 

Posh Active simply clever and very pretty. 

Just Remember 


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