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Living With Gai Abandon

Shattering the Glass Ceiling - Posh Active Short Listed in AustralasianStartup Awards

by Gai Brennan 11 Jul 2020 0 Comments

women over 50 activewear blog

Hi Girls, 

Gaisy’s Shock Spar with Team One Fitness Coach, leaves Yves breathless 

When you are away from home why not plan an early morning walk to wherever and back. This is exactly what Lucy and I do when we are away working. Recently in Sydney we did an early morning workout starting in the Domain. Very quickly I crashed an early morning Boxing Class where the trainer, Yves from Team One Fitness, was sparring with a group of young pretty athletic girls. As you know I love boxing with Malachii, so I couldn’t help but get in on the action and compete with those young ones because remember, I had my lipstick on too! 

Silencing the crowd, political correctness not an influence on Gaisy 

I donned a pair of gloves lazily lying around and gave Yves a run for his money, bringing the rest of the class to a standstill. I haven’t worked out whether it was because I was so fit or none of them could get their head around the fact that I had just crashed their session and taken over. In a city of political correctness, I think my second thought would be more accurate. Who cares, Yves loved it and all the girls laughed and invited me back again, so it wasn’t all bad. However, one must not ever lose sight of the fact that wearing Posh Active was so fabulous and comfortable and gave me all the schtick I needed to prove my worth, AND OF COURSE they wanted me back again. 

Grim Reaper pushes Gaisy to the brink …. 

Our morning continued with stair run at Woolloomooloo wharves for some real fun. With some warm-up exercises under my belt, including some great step-ups, nearly landing me in Sydney Harbour, the good old Grim Reaper, Lucy, had me doing a million push-ups. Seriousley after the first million I honestly thought I was done for, and it was then that she told me I still had many more to do.  

Signing up to do some ‘Heavy Lifting for the Nation’ 

With Garden Island in the background and everything it stands for, rather than stop in protest, I would also do some ‘Heavy Lifting for the Nation’ and complete the set. To my surprise, I was able to finish and after a few minutes I felt invigorated enough to go do more exercises. We found some wonderful Battle Ropes, the problem was there was a big fence between them and me that was monitored for break-ins, as it was Commonwealth property.  Bummer! I know I am fit but I am not that fast, so I was happy to dream of Battle Roping back at my gym.  

Always looking the part, effortlessly stylish 

I felt so liberated attempting all these exercises because my Posh Active was agonizingly comfortable and I had exactly the right pieces on for the job at hand. When we were not working out, we just looked like two women out for a morning stroll around the harbour. 

Two Heads are Better than One 

I just don’t get it; everything seems to end up inside out with me, and with Lucy in the mix, it just goes NEXT LEVEL. Life is turning out to be a real HOOT as I get older and I love every minute of it, simply because I am creating something great in Posh Active with my friend Lucy. Two Heads are really better than one. Who knew, working, travelling and exercising at the same time, wearing the same clobber and feeling a million dollars every step of the way could be so good. That's clever. That's Posh Active. 

Just Remember 

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